The Flushing Roadrunners dance the 1st & 3rd Friday alternating mainstream and plus tips.    The Friday dances  are September - May.       We have have lessons on Tuesdays. 

The dance DBD and advanced on the 2nd Wednesday each month year around.   We dance at the Senior Center in Flushing, MI      We have DBD and advanced lessons the other Wednesdays.     We also have C1 lessons Wednesday in the afternoon.

The Northern Squares dance mainstream and plus the 2nd & 4th Saturday year around.    We dance at the Alpine Alten-Zimmer Center in Gaylord, MI

The Lakeside Steppers do one hour of advance and two hours of DBD plus workshop dancing on select Sunday evenings year around.    We dance at 1234 Clubhouse Drive, Lake Isabella, MI 48893.     Please check our schedule to find out when we dance.